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Equine Solariums

Silver Shadow Equine Solariums are the premium plug-in unit on the market today and is the worlds top selling horse solarium. 

Our 12 Lamp design was first created in 1994 by James Kelly. The design has been reconstructed throughout the years to bring to you today a truly unique design at an affordable price. James sadly passed away in October 2022 after manufacturing solariums for clients all over the world including Royalty. His design, concept and passion will live on in every solarium.

Constructed with box alloy, the Solarium comes easy to mount with fitting instructions and height guide, along with chains for hanging and 12 Infrared lamps. All units come with easy to use instructions.

The solarium can be plugged into any standard 13 amp socket and comes with ample chain for hanging and long power lead.

IMG_20150908_123207.jpg 2015-9-9-12:16:14
Pictures above James Kelly, Willie Mullins champion trainer, Gail (Head Groom) and Hurricane Fly

​Key Benefits When Using a Silver Shadow Horse Solarium


*  Our unique open frame unit design prevents condensation and moisture build-up, allowing air to flow and circulate naturally, no noisy fans above the horse and no additional electrical power needs to be installed, making our unit more Eco friendly and cost effective.


*   All our Solarium's are now fitted with Low Glare Infrared Lamps to reduce brightness on your horses eyesight.


*   Improve muscle suppleness before exercise, reducing warm up time and eliminates the risk of injury

*   Help improve blood circulation and cellular metabolism

*   Heat therapy assists recovery to any injury

*   Help reduce stiffness after workout and promotes relaxation and recovery

*   Improve general health and well-being of your horse and pony

*   Infrared bulbs heat penetration is a great source of Vitamin D which is an essential vitamin for healthy skin  and muscle development, which horses get from  sunshine and is often lacked in the winter months.

*   Helps dry off your horse or pony after workout, washing or swimming​


​*  Reduces the risk of a cold/stiff back


Dimensions and Hanging Guide:

Horse Solarium - 145cm Length x 130cm Width x 30cm Height.

Weight of the unit is approximately 10KG.

Height recommended - 60cm above your horses withers to the bottom of the outer bulbs.

Whats included in your unit:

Horse Solarium includes 12 infrared lamps  

Ample chain for over head hanging

Long power lead with plug top

Easy to follow fitting instructions and hanging guide


All our Solarium's are fully PAT tested and come with easy to fit instructions and height guide.
"Solarium's can also be custom made when necessary, please contact us with your inquiry."
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